Mechanical Animals is music-wise a lot lighter than the previous album, but the lyrics are probably even darker and depressing. On a quest for purity, Manson goes the opposite direction, using alter ego superstar Omega and his band The Mechanical Animals (as a reference to Bowie's Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Hell) to go down a road of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

"To me it's a pretty depressing record, and at times it leads you to believe it's not depressing, it's being intentionally fake and sarcastic. The elements of glam are very ironic. I think the more people begin to listen to it, they'll see that the dark. When things are expressed innocuously that's when they're most depressing" (MM in Dissecting MM (pg.14))

MECHANICAL ANIMALS - bootleg vinyl

Release date: 1998
Country: UK
Label: El Disco Es Cultura
Format/Package: 12inch picture vinyl (plastic sleeve)
Catalog number: IND90273
Barcode: 780517 161159
A1. Great Big White World
A2. The Dope Show
A3. Mechanical Animals
A4. Rock Is Dead
A5. Disassociative
B1. The Speed Of Pain
B2. Posthuman
B3. I Want To Disappear
B4. I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
B5. New Model No. 15
Unofficial picture disc, limited to 1000 copies. Often referred to as a Mexican release, cause of the Spanish credits and the label 'El Disco Es Cultura'. According to, the LP is made in the UK by a company that also presses unofficial LPs of other bands. The tracks 'User Friendly','Fundamentally Loathsome', 'The Last Day On Earth' and 'Coma White' are not included.