HOLYWOOD (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)

Holy Wood takes a number of themes (America's fascination for guns, the cult status of celebrities and selfloathing) and mixes them into a classic Marilyn Manson collage.

"This record is the first in the three piece, long-term creation I started with Antichrist Superstar. And I went backwards, Antichrist Superstar being the end, Mechanical Animals the middle and Holywood being the first part." (MM in Dissecting MM (pg.174))

HOLY WOOD - commercial vinyl

HOLY WOOD (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) UK RELEASE
Release date: november 2000
Country: UK
Label: Nothing/Interscope
Format/Package: 2x 12inch vinyl (gatefold sleeve)
Catalog number: 490790-1
Barcode: 06949 07901
A1. GodEatGod
A2. The Love Song
A3. The Fight Song
A4. Disposable Teens

B1. Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)
B2. "President Dead"
B3. In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
B4. Cruci-fiction In Space
B5. A Place In The Dirt

C1. The Nobodies
C2. The Death Song
C3. Lamb Of God
C4. Born Again
C5. Burning Flag

D1. Coma Black ((a) Eden Eye (b) The Apple Of Discord)
D2. Valentine's Day
D3. The Fall Of Adam
D4. King Kill 33
D5. Count To Six And Die (The Vaccuum OF Infinite Space Encompassing)

Each disc contains one letter, forming the name 'Adam', main character of this album.